Do I need to be currently employed to qualify for the financial assistance?

No you do not need to be employed at the time of repairs but you do need to show evidence that you can pay a share of the overall cost of the job.

What type of “proof” do I need to show that I’m in need of the financial assistance and can pay my share of the repair cost?

When a representative of BEAUTIFY MY HOME meets with you, they’ll interview you about your financial situation and ask to see recent bank statements to show that there are the necessary funds available for you to pay the contractor the initial deposit or at least a portion of the deposit payment. 

Does this program offer assistance to homeowners living outside of Utah?

At this time BEAUTIFY MY HOME is focusing on assisting homeowners who live in the Salt Lake County area. As the funding increases BEAUTIFY MY HOME will be be able to expand it’s program to other areas of Utah and eventually other states within the USA.

Why is your primary focus on repairing exterior parts of the home and not the interior?

We focus on the exterior of the property because it is the first-line defense against elements that can threaten your home security. It is also important that the exterior of your home be in good repair so that it enhances the overall value of your neighborhood. We do however provide financial assistance to some vital interior components like furnaces, hot water heaters or critical plumbing problems.

About how long does this process take?

The process can vary depending on how long it takes you, the homeowner, to get the necessary contractor estimates and then the availability of contractor/s to do the work. It could be just a few days to several weeks. If the repair is of the “urgent” status, BEAUTIFY MY HOME will do its best to expedite the process. 

Why am I eligible for this assistance only once?

BEAUTIFY MY HOME wants to help as many homeowners as possible so we limit our support to one time.

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