With rising costs of living, unemployment growing and the salaries of middle-class America being stagnant for many years now, it’s no wonder that many homeowners are barely able to meet their mortgage payments, let alone keep up on home repairs.

That’s why BEAUTIFY MY HOME was created. 

BEAUTIFY MY HOME is a non-profit 501(c)(3) financial support program to primarily help you make necessary exterior home improvements so that you can continue to live in a functional, safe home that you can be proud of owning. 

Depending on your financial situation and the cost of the repair, BEAUTIFY MY HOME can provide anywhere from 50% to 90% of the payment and you, the homeowner pays the balance, with a MAXIMUM project/repair cost of $10,000.

In some cases we’ll even help pay for critical interior home improvements like new furnaces or serious plumbing hazards.

Many homeowners have some money available to fix a leaky roof or install new windows or repair and repaint worn out siding but many are falling short of what the total cost would be.


Imagine you're desperately needing a new roof.  You get estimates from $4,000 to $7,000 but you only have about $2000 to invest in this critical home improvement. 

With BEAUTIFY MY HOME you would be able to get your new roof because we match what you can contribute to the repairs - up to a maximum matching contribution of $5,000! 

With your $2000 and our matching contribution of $2000 you would be able to get that much needed new roof!


Not only do you the homeowner improve the value and functionality of your home but your neighbors also benefit by your home improvement. Neighborhoods that show pride of ownership reflect greater market values!

Homeowners are empowered!

Contractors and subcontractors are put to work!

Everyone wins with BEAUTIFY MY HOME.

See if you meet the eligibility requirements and if so CONTACT US and let’s get your project started!

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